Welcome to The Mina Pool.

You can delegate by sending a delegate command to our pool as below. If you have a time-locked account and need help - reach out on discord and we will send you unlocked mina to be able send your delegation our way.

mina client delegate-stake \
--receiver B62qkBqSkXgkirtU3n8HJ9YgwHh3vUD6kGJ5ZRkQYGNPeL5xYL2tL1L \
--fee 0.1


Our payout algorithm implements the delegation rules per Mina Foundation and o(1) Labs and was originally inspired by Mina Explorer's approach.

Our payout code is open source and available for use by other staking pools and open for review by our stakers.

We charge a 5% fee, which is subject to change with a minimum notice of 2 epochs.

We will payout once per epoch.

Any Questions?

Learn more about Mina Protocol.

Feel free to reach out to us on Discord with any questions: jrwashburn#0765